Playcare is our basic @TheFarm Activity Centre service. We collect your doggies from home, take them to our pawsome centre for a day of fun, and then drop them home fully satisfied and stimulated at the end of the day! 
At The Farm they will be socialised, stimulated and educated in basic life skills and above all, have tons of fun! With water play, equipment and brain games, we really do have something for everydoggy to enjoy! We take each dog as an individual and give them exactly what they need for Playcare.

K9 Gym
Our K9 gym extra mural is designed to keep your dog in shape and stimulated. Our handlers do a combination of equipment work, strength/stimulation exercises, and play based cardio during this fun filled session. The session will include, K9 gym equipment, confidence building equipment, tricks, exercise and mind games tailored for our K9 gym doggos. Exercising both the body and the mind!
K9 gym students are granted access to our gym class at the JD Training Academy so that you can learn the special skills of keeping your dog in shape, mentally and physically! Not to mention it is tons of fun!

Cosycare is an alternative to Playcare for those dogs who still want to get out, but maybe aren't as active or energetic as some of our other hooligan students! Aimed at (but not limited to) the smaller or older doggos, the activities during this farm day are centered around brain games, small obstacles and lots of snuggles! 
With their very own cosy lounge and sensory garden, the cosycare dogs are away from the playcare doggos and given much more rest time. They are still able to partake in our extra mural, K9 gym should they desire, and pick up and drop off is still included!
Our trainers are COAPE/EthologyAc qualified, and we are SABCAP registered / affiliated
Our pack leader Lucy Breytenbach BSC(Hons) Animal Science, Behaviour and Welfare
Medipet recognises Just Dogs as a registered behaviour training company and so sessions can be claimed depending on your policy.