Our Just Cats Behaviour and Home Services cover everything from classic care, to kitty problem solving, to catification
With something for everykitty, and with each kitty taken as an individual, we use a range of service options to give you exactly what you need for life with your best furry friends!

But where to start?
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Covers a wide range of behavioural problems such as general life skills and satisfaction, hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety or stress in the home, poor social skills with other family members, settling issues for a new cat/kitten. etc.
Held in the comfort of your cat’s own home
Approximately 1.5hrs
Practical advice and training given within the session
With a written report to summarize the consultation
One cat – R800 / Per extra cat – R150
Follow up sessions – R250


Recommended after a consultation. Let our feline behaviour practitioner assist you to “catify” your home! This is recommended for people who are transitioning their cat to indoor life, or need assistance in helping their furry friend to flourish
Focuses on empowering you to help your cat/s to thrive in their home
R450 per visit or R250 as a follow up after a consultation


Whether you are bringing a new furry family member into the home, or are creating a blended family made of two sets of pets, we are here to help. Our canine and feline behaviourists work together for this service, and are great at reading dog and cat body language. They will help your cats and dogs get off on the right paw!
R800 for initial session / R150 per additional pet beyond the first cat and dog
R250 for follow up sessions / R80 per additional pet

JD@Home Pet Care
Additional needs catered for
Sleepover R300 per night / R400 with full 40-minute daily walk
Babysitting R75 per hour / +5 hours R350 flat rate 
Litter trays cleaned, plants watered, lights on/off where requested
Loads of love and dedication
Additional fee of R50 required for sleepovers at households with more than 4 pets.
Pet taxi – to vet, kennels or other R5 per km return + R100 flat fee
Please note, most of our sitters work during the day and cannot be with the pets all day. They will always be there from at least 5pm until 8am and will pop home to check in at lunch time. If you require your pets to be looked after for 24 hours, an additional fee of R200 will be required. 

Our pet first aid trained handlers are able to provide hourly babysitting, sleepover services, pop ins, vet runs, and look after your pets and your home whilst you are away! Dependent on availability of our handlers, please book in advance!
Our trainers are COAPE/EthologyAc qualified, and we are SABCAP registered / affiliated
Our pack leader Lucy Breytenbach BSC(Hons) Animal Science, Behaviour and Welfare
Medipet recognises Just Dogs as a registered behaviour training company and so sessions can be claimed depending on your policy.