Emotional Support Dogs 
Skills Course

​​​​Emotional Support Dogs are skilled pets who provide us with love and support through tough times. 
People with anxiety, depression, trauma, panic, attention deficit disorder, demand avoidance disorder, loneliness, or general life stress, could greatly benefit from real support at home and in pet friendly spaces - but an ESD could become way more than just a loving best friend!
Just Dogs offers an online ESD skills course, whereby we teach you how to unleash your dogs full potential! Your doggo will learn the skills and tasks needed to properly support you, in the same way that a Psychiatric Medical service dog would.
Most dogs do not naturally enjoy the situation when their person is feeling out of sorts. When given specific skills to assist their person, and mediate the situation, an ESD can be truly confident in their job, and able to assist more willingly and effectively.
The majority of dogs have the potential to become an Emotional Support Dog, but where do you start with unlocking their empathy and support skills? Trust, companionship, care, and training are where we like to begin - let us help your dog to help you.
After completing the course, which focuses on relationship training, and a variety of special skills and cooperative care behaviour, a certificate of Emotional Support Dog status is issued. This certificate proves that you and your ESD have gone through the correct processes and worked together to become a real ESD team. 
Emotional Support Dogs are legally granted access to any privately rented space, and other semi-private establishments by way of mutual agreement and understanding (I.E. a workplace).
To empower your doggo, and create an unbreakable connection which will increase your mental wellbeing, contact us today for more information, and to apply. 

Contact information:
081 306 8880

Our trainers are COAPE/EthologyAc qualified, and we are SABCAP registered / affiliated
Our pack leader Lucy Breytenbach BSC(Hons) Animal Science, Behaviour and Welfare
Medipet and DotSure recognise Just Dogs as a registered behaviour training company and so sessions can be claimed depending on your policy.