Meet The Team
JD Founder
Hello, I'm Lucy! The owner and lead behaviourist at Just Dogs! I have been training dogs and studying animal behaviour since 2005, and dogs especially hold a very special place in my heart. I just wanted to help people to understand them, and of course spend as much time as I could with them! In 2010 I moved to Cape Town and that's where the dream really started. I started Just Dogs in 2014, and it grew from there! As my qualifications and team grew, we began to offer all of the awesome services that we possibly could. We offer so much because every dog and every family is so different. I try my best to ensure that everybody gets exactly what they need! You may not always see me personally, but know that I am there behind the scenes, overseeing every dog, pawrent and handler/trainer/behaviourist in our JD family. I LOVE what we do, and know that your dog will too! 
JD Reception
Hi! My name is Nicolene. You will find me at the Just Dogs office situated at Leadville Dog Park. I am the lady behind the desk doing all the administration work. Everyday I get greetings from all the pups popping in by the office. This is not just a job for me, it's heaven on earth.
JD Behaviour and Home​​​​​​​
Hi! My name is Andy! For as long as I can remember I have absolutely loved dogs.    I began with Just Dogs in 2016 after making a career change from the corporate world, to the doggy one! Fast forward, I am now a qualified and registered Dog Behaviourist. My role at Just Dogs includes Behaviour, Training, Handling and Puppy School teaching.  I have a huge passion for helping people work towards understanding their dogs and their needs so that we can all live and thrive in our environment together.
Hi! My name is Robyn, As well as thoroughly enjoying all the cuddles from your fur babies, I am currently studying to be a certified animal behaviourist through COAPE International. My journey in working with dogs has not been long but switching careers from private cheffing, has been incredibly worth while! I am truly blessed and feel honored to be working with such a wonderful variety of dogs and people. Through the emotional needs of the dogs and humans, I revel in learning, assisting and building relationships. Bring on the future
Hi everyone, my name is Nicole, I am a qualified Canine Behaviourist & Trainer and I have been part of this awesome Just Dogs team since April 2022. Before that, I spent some time in the Veterinary Physiotherapy world. I currently do anything and everything from dog walks, petsitting, individual training and present group classes. I also work with and help train our Honey's Garden Medical Alert Dogs- which has been such an amazing experience so far! I've always had a passion for working with any and all types of animals - from sheep, dogs & birds right through to buffalo! It is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world to see how these dogs progress and to be able to build that deep connection & trust. With every new dog there comes a new challenge, but all the wet nose kisses make it worth it!

Hello! I'm Chelsey and I am a handler at Just Dogs, I have been working with Just  Dogs since 2017. 101 Dalmatians was one of my favorite Disney movies and my dream was to own 101 dogs. Unfortunately it's illegal, so the next best thing was to work with dogs. I am so incredibly lucky to have found a job that I love and to have found 38 (and counting) dogs that I can play and work with every week.
Hi hi! I'm Liv! I'm a dog trainer and behaviourist, and I've been working along with the crew at Just Dogs since June 2023. I previously worked in the film industry, but during Lockdown, I found a puppy on the highway and this was the catalyst for my study of dogs! Now, I get to live my dream of training dogs, especially with Honey's Garden for Medical Alert Dogs and Just Dogs Behaviour!

JD @The Farm
Hello. I'm Nico The Dog Handler and Navigator at JUST DOGS @The Farm, I'm friendly and focus Dog Handler i love spending time with Dogs taking them for playtime, for walks and Equipment Sessions. I'm grateful for every second of my time i spend getting to know each and every Dog @Just Dogs, i promise I will take care of your Beautiful Dogs as i would do the same to my own. 
Hi my name is Esme, I am a transporter and babysitter of your dogs at the JD@TheFarm activity centre! I play, walk and enjoy spending time with the dogs
Hello fur baby parents! My name is Jesse and I have the privilege of being a farm handler as well as a driver. It is a great delight to work with all the special dogs! What I love most is the exciting part of pick ups! I look forward to getting to know each dog more and more in the future. Thank you for entrusting us with your bundle of joy. 
Hey guys my name's Ethan I'm a Dog handler and Navigator at Just Dogs.
I absolutely love working with all the awesome dogs and taking care of them teaching them new things it's my happy place.
Our trainers are COAPE/EthologyAc qualified, and we are SABCAP registered / affiliated
Our pack leader Lucy Breytenbach BSC(Hons) Animal Science, Behaviour and Welfare
Medipet recognises Just Dogs as a registered behaviour training company and so sessions can be claimed depending on your policy.

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