Our Just Dogs Behaviour and Home Services cover everything from classic care and basic training, to behaviour modification and socialisation. 
With something for everydoggy, and with each doggo taken as an individual, we use a range of service options to give you exactly what you need for life with your best furry friends!

But where to start?
Private School | Rehabilitation | Socialisation
The Dog Jog Walking Service | Private Activity & Enrichment |  @Home care​​ ​​

Private School

We offer private lessons to teach basic home and life skills. We can build confidence in a nervous nelly, and channel the excitement of a teenage hooligan! We can address a variety of issues within the household or even when out and about on walks. Trainers will work through mock scenarios, teach life skills, and show you how to get the most joy out of your furry family member in your everyday. #jdlifestyle.
Enrollment starts with filling in a form. We will match your dogs needs with one of our talented trainers for private lessons. They will be eager to help your dog understand what is expected of them.
The trainer will then contact you and book your Mini Consultation. This initial lesson will be slightly longer and more discussion based. A plan of action will be formulated and a summary sent to you. There will be practical training in this initial session too, for both doggy and human, so gather any favorite toys or treats in prep! 
From there the trainer will help by taking your dogs through private lessons, tutoring with our skilled senior handlers if need be, and our range of services, in order to help reach your furry family goals.


If you are struggling with something a bit bigger with your furry family member, such as a psychological issue, a Complex consultation covers all problem behaviour. Complex consultations are with a registered, qualified behaviorist, and include a full report and plan of action. POA may include enrolling into private school or any of our other services, or it may include direct behavioural modification sessions with the behaviorist. Every dog is an individual and treated as such.
Such problem behaviour may include but is not limited to:
Excessive barking
Severe separation anxiety 
Home social dynamics (fighting amongst dogs/people in the home)
Complex Lack of life skills


Socialisation services are for the socially awkward monkeys of the pack. If your dog is too anxious, too bolshy, too rude or too excitable when meeting new dogs or people, we can help.
We start with a social assessment in our private training area at Leadville Dog Park Sunningdale, as well as around the surrounding area, whereby the route cause of your dogs social anxiety is established. A plan of action will be formulated to improve your dogs social skills and #dogparketiquette. A summary will be sent to you with homework to complete between sessions!
The POA for your doggo may include a variety of services depending on what is causing your dogs socially awkward behaviour. These services may include our sociable services such as The Dog Jog walking service, our group Training Academy, or JD@TheFarm Activity Centre. 
If your dog is not ready for those services yet, we will utilize our private school trainers for one on one lessons, our senior handlers for tutoring sessions, and set up private safe controlled playdates and group on leash walks. We also have a private activity and enrichment service which means even if your dog prefers to just socialise with their close family and friends, they needn’t miss out on the fun.
The options are plentiful and tailored to your doggo's needs and goals. Your personal senior trainer or behavourist will oversee your progress, hold lessons and check ins with you, and ensure that your dog is always improving, and that you are feeling empowered and able to tackle the challenges.

We also offer introductions to families opening their homes to new dogs or cats! If one of the dogs is not sociable we will need to do a social assessment first before holding the introduction session. This will give us additional information as to what to expect and how best to introduce the dogs. 

The Dog Jog
Walking Service
The Dog Jog is our walking and socialisation service. Whether your dog requires walking in order to curb any frustrating habits, or to lose weight, or to just get out and socialize a bit, we are happy to help! Our pet first aid trained handlers LOVE spending time with the dogs, alone or in small compatible groups. Walks are 40 minutes long, not including travel time, and are either held at a fun destination such as the dog park or beach, or can be on leash walks from your home! Whatever you and your doggo desire, we are happy to accommodate!

Private Activity &
Enrichment Service 
All of the fun of the farm, but held in your own backyard! For additional exercise, stimulation and fun! Suitable for any doggo, great for focus and confidence building, and did we say FUN?! This service is appropriate for socially awkward dogs, and for those who just need a bit of one on one time.
Choose from a list of fun activities for your dog to learn and be engaged with! As always with Just Dogs, the session is tailored to your dog’s needs. This full to the brim 1.5 hour session is not to be missed. Our handlers will bring along some fun equipment, treats and toys for your dog, and teach them new skills whilst exercising their body and mind. We utilize games based training and although these sessions are not directed at behaviour modification, they prove to be highly beneficial in teaching your dogs some key life skills. This service is excellent for dogs who require more stimulation whilst parents are busy doing human things - recommended as an add on to private school.

JD@Home Pet Care
Our pet first aid trained handlers are able to provide hourly babysitting, sleepover services, pop ins, vet runs, and look after your pets and your home whilst you are away! Dependent on availability of our handlers, please book in advance!
Our trainers are COAPE/EthologyAc qualified, and we are SABCAP registered / affiliated
Our pack leader Lucy Breytenbach BSC(Hons) Animal Science, Behaviour and Welfare
Medipet recognises Just Dogs as a registered behaviour training company and so sessions can be claimed depending on your policy.